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No draw by repetition?!?

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    Ok, so i was in a blitz game, and i barely had 5 seconds, so i sacrificed a bishop and went for a draw, but my opponent and I repeated the same exact moves 4 times, and no draw sign appeared...I ended up losing... why does that happens?

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    I think you have to push the "Claim Draw" button -- it doesn't happen automatically.

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    I would like to know the following:

    -who is the highest among players designations like GM,IM,NM,CM and FM.

    -how the abusive language of the opponent could be stopped or does it happen automatically by the chess.com management to punish him automatically so what measures have to be taken and what do you do in this regard

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    what measures to be taken to improve the game ...how the highest rated player maintains their ratings what steps to be taken or care to follow the chess games

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    To the OP... Casual_Joe is correct. A person has to claim a draw by repetition, it's not automatic.


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