No sound in Live Chess


Not getting any sound in Live Chess when pieces are moved. Was this feature removed? On Mac/10.5.8/Firefox 3.5.6


No, I do not believe so. The sound in the Live Chess is working fine for me in Firefox browser. You should make sure that you have "enable sounds" option checked on your Live Chess settings page at


This also happens to me as well, sometimes the sound shuts off half way through the game, which is really annoying if you are doing something else (eg. watching a video) at the same time as playing.


Thanks all. Patzer24 - I checked and I do have "enable sounds" checked in my Live Chess prefs. Will try resetting, etc.


It cuts out from time to time. Finish your game and hit f5 and it'll come back

RainbowRising wrote:

It cuts out from time to time. Finish your game and hit f5 and it'll come back

Thanks, how did you figure that out?


Hmm... F5 on my Mac deals with the keyboard lighting. I'll try it though... ;-)

tomjoad wrote:

Hmm... F5 on my Mac deals with the keyboard lighting. I'll try it though... ;-)

command + R is the shortcut for mac.

I've had this happen, and restarting live has always fixed it for me. 


Restarting a programme is a standard of fixing issues like that that appear to happen for no reason.

Sorry, am unfamiliar with macs, F5 should be a refresh.


Thanks -Restarting the browser doesn't seem to help.

to biondiggity - Command-R within the browser for me just refreshes/reloads the current page.Tried it though.

Have played a few Live Chess games - before and after relaunching the browser - still no sound. Deleted all cookies. Don't know what else to try on my end.


I have a mac also and I have this problem in Fire Fox if I've pulled the tab off of my browser to play in a seperate window.  I'm fine in my original window where it's one of my numerous "home" pages, but when I pull it off of the tab bar sound goes.  Reloading the window fixes it.


I'm having this problem too although its not all sound, just the move in check sound and piece drop sound

I also have this problem. Its fine on my pc, but there's no sound on my iPad when i play...

tomatohorse, if you're not using the app as you've said in your support ticket, you need to check the iPad sounds.


Im having the same problem... no sound when I move the pieces, and it was working fine yesterday.

Any thoughts?


  If you press F5 during a game to try to bring back the sound, will it discontinue the game or pick up where it left off?

  It's especially nice to have the sound when you don't have much time left and the opponent has plenty but is dead lost and running the clock down to the last minute to make another move to see if your paying attention.


I am having the same problem.

No sound at all. I am using IE with Windows 7.

It was always there previously until the recent upgrade to the view we see by Sound on my PC is fine for all other apps etc.

I have tried turning it off, saving the preferences, closing the browser and then starting again and ticking the check box again, and still it does not work. A respopnse from would be good.


sounds require flash - make sure that is working


Have tried all suggestions and nothing has brought back the sound for Live Chess. Now I tried playing at work, and the sound is there. So this is a good thing. The difference between home and work is that I have Windows 7 at home and work has XP. IE at home is version 9. Not sure what work is, but it would have to be older for sure. I have updated JAVA at home in case that was needed as well as ensuring I have all microsoft pacthes etc. ... and yes sound is enabled in my settings. Given it is OK at work for me, the problem looks to be local to my home PC. However, as many of you around the world have the same/similar problem, perhaps a recent microsoft update has caused this to occur. I don't know enough about IE settings to see what may be the cause....

No sounds on the iPad. :( (I mean the browser version; the app has sounds but lacks too many features to compete with the full site, at least for now.)