Opponents Clock allowed to freeze


I just played a live chess game in a 5,0 clock setting.  The game was going well for me, I was up several pieces and had a winning endgame.  My clock was even better, almost a full minute ahead.

Then my opponent's clock froze at 22 seconds.   He was able to move with the exact same sequence a total of eight times - and his clock never moved a single tick.  Typically I would think that he was just moving so far that his clock wasn't rolling over a second!  However, his following moves continued on without his clock ticking.  He gained more than 13 freebies!  His connection was red, so even his turn being ticked over should have stolen a second.

He did not move quickly, several seconds would go by each time his turn came up - and even in periods where he was stumped, his clock would not tick while he had the chance to think freely! Meanwhile my clock was still ticking, one or two seconds each time I hurridly moved.

How do you combat a player who doesn't have to be held to the same clock?

The game in question : http://www.chess.com/livechess/game.html?id=125297562

I'm very very annoyed - I don't much like having to lose games that I won perfectly fair; all due to a site bug.   I hope this gets cleaned up in the future so I don't have to go through it agian.






I've had a similar problem myself. Actually it was down to the last few seconds of a  10,0 game and the guy actually got a few seconds back. I don't know if it's a site bug or people cheating....


i started playing 1 minute game mostly my opponents clock will not move for a sec and mine keeps going down, really piss me off specially when im in control of the game


These are all program cheaters.  Select "Report abuse" and report them to chess.com with their chess.com userid and request that their account be cancelled for cheating.  I have reported NUMEROUS program cheaters on chess.com.  There are a large number of cheat programs available for chess.com users that manipulate the clock.  Hope this helps.


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What is being described sounds like a mix of lag compensation and disconnects.






Also, discussion of cheating or potential cheating is not allowed in the general forums. For that, the following group can be used.




Also read https://support.chess.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1444879-fair-play-on-chess-com-what-you-need-to-know


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