Hi , i ( android ) was playing with a friend of mine (ios) . He won the game and got +148 points on the other hand i lost only 9 points . This is the case everytime - win or loose my points fluctuate between 7-9 while his are in hundreds !! why ?

This may be because of glicko RD, which estimates how accurate your

rating is. The higher it is, the more inaccurate your rating is. 

The lower it is, the more accurate your rating can be. 

We all start with 350 points (or 300) of glicko rd,

so that's why first games are so critical.


Your Glicko RD is quite low, which means the rating system has great confidence that your rating is reasonably accurate.  Your friend's Glicko RD must be well over 100 however which means he hasn't played enough games yet to have a reliable rating.  As a result, the system tries to guesstimate his rating with very large changes.  As he plays more, he will receive fewer points for a win or have fewer taken away for a loss.  Blame it all on Professor Glicko who invented the rating system.  I invite you to check out any of the numerous previous threads on the subject.  I'll go get you some links....




And the official explanation...