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    I love chess.com, but I think its unfair to lose points when I am playing a game and it is cut off by the server. I get a message that says maintenance please try back later. If the server is ending my game I should keep the rating I had when the game started...what do you guys think?

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    You shouldn't be getting a message that says 'maintenance please try back later' unless the Live Chess server is actually undergoing maintenance. Will you let me know how you are playing on the site please? (With a computer? Through a mobile device? -- what browser and version and/or app and version are you using?)

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    It happens when I play on my iPhone, never on the computer. It never happens when I am connected with wifi only 3G. This problem started after the update for the iPhone before that it was flawless.

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    Ok thanks, will you check that you have the most updated iOS as well as the Chess.com app please? 

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    ios 6.1.2 for my phone and the newest version of chess.com


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