Server slow

noticing bad lag while playing making me loose due to time


Ok let's "wait" and see


Server has gottne to the point where the site is unplayable.  Huge lag, can't see clock, can't see partners' games, sometimes can't even see my game or move pieces. And no, it's not my cache.


There are alternative


It is impossible to play bullit chess. Whatever Connection i have, the server is going so slow that it is impossible to win. It is not possible to make a move under 3 sek and it is not my internet speed that is the problem.


Computer must have too much spyware installed. Need to format data and reload!!! Or, are you using a mobile device?


Have noticed same problems during last ten days, cleaned computer, all updates, not viruses or spyware. Still continues. Located in Northeast USA. Will try in another week, I guess, unless site let's us know otherwise...


Ok, a bit off topic here, does anyone else have a problem with live chess, blitz, first game has sounds, then every game thereafter is silent (no sounds?)  Quite irritating, ...I can only play one or two games at a time now...that sucks!


Yep Plus1...........seeing the same thing, amongst others.


Server very unstable again today


server very unstable..



there are lots of similar topics around the forums. I haven't yet seen staff make any response...


Staff doesn"t respond to much at all.






just language police



Sometimes impossible to play blitz chess. Pretty frustrating.


Well, to all others experiencing the same problems I am with this new,...we can always take our money elsewhere...


tengo un reclamo sobre el emparejamiento de las partidas .... creo que no es bueno que un jugador de 2000 puntos deba jugar contra uno de 1100 ... 


Why don't the pay members have lag problems?!



im sure both paying members and non paying members have problems.


This is a joke.. Admins wont respond, kaynight is a jerk, and I keep getting bumped off the server, because it says my connection is bad.. Funny my connection is fine to all the other sites I visit.. I can watch youtube, Fox News, even post on Facebook about what an A$$ kaynight is.. but I can't complete a 10 minute game of chess.. Newsflash!: 1) kaynight is a jackA$$, and 2) IT'S YOUR SERVER!.. SOMETHING IS WRONG!!


To the admin : please place a "HONK" button on the when the server lag we all can widly HONK