Severe lag during a game



I'm not sure if that's how you post a game. I suddenly started experiencing extreme lag in the middle of this game. My moves were taking forever to register. I've never felt time pressure under these settings because I usually play at a quick pace. I don't want to blame my blundering away my queen at the end on time pressure but that definitely contributed to it. I knew that it was going to take me the full 12 minutes to make another 7-8 moves and I needed to win quickly.


My internet is working fine on every other website. Everything loads super quick. I'm very disappointed by the negative experience on this site especially since it hasn't happened before.


Could be this will help...Some have found refreshing the page whenever your opponent seems to be taking too much time useful.  Or it could have been trouble with the servers...


While none of those things apply specifically I think it may be a RAM issue. Some of the list items involve using too much memory so I think that's what's going on. I only had 2 tabs open but some background processes are draining my memory and it might be malware. When I look at the task manager I'm not tech savvy enough to tell which processes are supposed to be there and which ones aren't. The fact that I can't open more than 6 tabs without getting a memory related error message makes me suspicious. Thanks for the link.


I understand what you mean about playing with a bad connection. It can really throw your entire game off.


If it was a bad connection it was weird. It started in the middle of the game and then stopped after the game and only was affected. I opened a third tab during the game and started a browsing to see if my internet was working and everything was normal on google even with a third tab. Then I closed it and the game was still lagging. I refreshed the page and it's still lagging. I resign, make this post complaining and then 15 minutes later start a game and everything's fine. I highly doubt my opponent was cheating since they weren't even 1600. I'm not trying to suggest that. Maybe my computer started a process in the background in the middle of the game and suddenly I don't have enough RAM. Then later on I wasn't using as much even though I had the same number of tabs open.


Same here. Play on 3 other chess sites almost daily and don't experience anything remotely resembling this. Naturally suspect any explanations by admins (undercover or not) about how this is the fault of your connection. Refreshing often (aside from losing precious time) results in this message from chesscom:


Not very helpful.