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Sportsmenship ?

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    Played a game 30 min blitz 2 games ago with B- - - - - with 18 min. left in the game I backed him into a corner  It was  one to mate .and he left the game .It was sad  I had to watch game 4 20 min to get my win .sent a few messages on chat an with 1 or2 min left I told him how sad I thought it was.

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    That's a good story, you should tell it on internet forums.

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    Sportsmenship is the collective quality of being sportsmen (i.e. soccer players).

    Sportsmanship is the quality of playing a game with integrity.

    Gamesmenship is the collective quality of being gamesmen (i.e. chess peices).

    Gamesmanship is the quality of playing a game without integrity.

    This language is stupid.

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    You shouldn't.  He committed to finish that game when he accepted your challenge.  It's not your problem he chose not to live up to that commitment.

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    And that is why I don't have fish!

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    BAHAHAHAHA  BAHAHAHAH   Thank you my friends I feel better now ......Ny and snakesbelly BAHAHABAHAHAHAHAHA  Thanks

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    what you need to do the next time you play him is to get into the 1 move to mate, hope you have 5 mins left and go the toilet, then make the move with 1 second to spare.

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    I just stick the kettle on, make a cup of tea, then watch with delightful patience as the timer ticks down... :)

    Admittedly am very stubborn & twisted.

    If allowed self to get irritable by action of opponent would be fail!

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    I have also had it happen.  And right after the pop up window tells me I have won on time I also get a message saying something like. ".... may have violated chess.com rules, and may have his/her privileges suspended."


    I have also had a player disconnect from the web in the middle of the game and gotten the same message.  This being said one time my computer disconnected during a game and I was unable to rconect.  when I was able to reconnect I had lost the game, however,I did not get a message from staff saying I had viloated any rules. Therefor, I assume that some one would have to do this several times before they were booted.



    PS when my computer did reconnect I tried to send a message to my opponent apologizing for the problems, but he had his profile set so he could not recieve messages from "non friends" 

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    A win is a win is a win!!  One must be "patient", I was once playing this pin ball machine and put in thirty $$. it was a money pay off machine and I did the impossible and hit the jack-pot!!  $500.00  As the machine was clicking off the pay credits, I was not patient and kept fidgeting by the machine and accidentally kicked one of the legs on the machine and it said tilt, and stopped the pay off which was only up to $50.00.  Surprised Just be cool and wait or pour a drink and wait! BTW, very sorry about the fish!

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    snake, very funny! That "Chess Medium" group must be awesome!

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    chander71   I have lost games also by system jnterup on live chess , on my phone or when wireless and getting it from the guy next door.But yes many times I have lost due to system Interup....

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    I would like to be in the group,

    Chess Medium

    what the requirements, sacrifice goats, pigs, pawns..................



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    snakesbelly wrote:

    OK please stop asking how I know all this if the guy was burned to ashes. I belong to a group called ' Chess Mediums' we gather on full moon nights and talk to the spirits of chess players past. By the way Bobby Fischer says he is sorry about the whole misunderstanding.

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    What happened to the cat

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    snakesbelly wrote:
    AnnaZafi wrote:

    I would like to be in the group,

    Chess Medium

    what the requirements, sacrifice goats, pigs, pawns..................



    No, no sacrifices of any sorts but most of the members have blue or pink tinted hair, smoke strong cigarettes through plastic filters ,wears more rings than the have fingers ,suffers from arthritis and smell of hard liquor. It is not a requirement it is just coincidence. Also a wheezing cough helps…and sagging breasts.

    I’ll ask some general questions you might get asked if you want to apply.




    Snakesbelly: Do you have your own teeth ?

    AnnaZ: Yes sir I do. I am considering having some grills done, is this ok?


    Snakebelly: Have you got a dead relative/loved one in the attic or basement?

    AnnaZ: No. But I have to check again to be sure.


    Snakesbelly: Have you ever sold your soul?

    AnnaZ: No.


    Snakesbelly: Do you hear voices?

    AnnaZ: Yes, twice a day. One of those voices sounds like a drunk Justin Bieber, while the other sounds like an angry Taylor Swift. There is a faint sound of some southern gospel music in the background.


    Snakesbelly: Do you see dead people?

    AnnaZ: No, I do not think so. I am sure on the voices though. I swear Taylor sounds really mad.


    Snakesbelly: Where you ever left at the altar?

    AnnaZ: No.

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    snakesbelly wrote:

    Your in ,well done,it doesn't really matter what you answer the mere fact that you are demented enough to be interested is good enough for us. We'll contact you next full moon.you should have the following on hand: a medium sized cabbage,some candles, a bottle of gin or whatever you drink,a mirror, the left foot of any animal preferably a monkey,the skeleton of any snake,skull of a chicken,a wok,some olive oil, two live bats,a bottle of chloroform,a pizza plate or something of similar size,an easy chair,a radio,incense, a silk scarf,some coarse grained gunpowder,catnip,two eggs,a London tube map,two towels and an old silver cutlery set (optional)

    got it, I have most of these, except uhmm two eggs and live bats,

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    Thank you snakesbelly I have tears rolling down my cheeks. 

    You see I lost a goldfish in similar circumstances and it brought back repressed memories.

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    poor cat.

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    Snakes, that good stuff!! lolo   You can do that because I know you are a "good" writer! Alone in the bush, with all the privacy, no interruptions, except for poisonous snakes, and malaria causing mosquitoes, lolo

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