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stop swearing .

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    hi everyone,, why some people they  swearing or try  to swearing why ??

    this  is  just  a  game and  we  are  here to play just  for  that  and to  make  friends,i live in England but  i am not English some of  the  people which i played the been racist and they swearing on me because they lost  the  game .i dont  know  what to say but  isn't right. that is  hapen  when you plaing live. i like to play  in pice Smile thank you . Galaksi Smile

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    Sorry you have been subject to such abuse. Just report them using the Help & Support link below each chess com page (click on contact support on the left). Chess.com is pretty quick in removing abusers, especially racists.

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    swearers are rude = but racists are sick and need to be expelled.


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