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    Why is it when I play certan individuals my time jumps low, when they are the one taking up a lot of time between moves? I want to know

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    have had that happen to me to.  I think it may be because of lag. or a short term disconnect.

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    It happened to me, my opponent had only 15 seconds to loose and after a move his time changed to 1 minute ... how does it happens?

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    Will Chess.com answer our time problem, because at least 40% of my games is lost on connections a time flux?

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    My oppinion is that Chess.com should develop a way to monitore the complaints and/or adjust something in the system to detect these kind of problems. I love to play Chess but I hate to loose when opponent is doing something not so decent with time ...

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    online (Live...) chess was never meant to be the "real thing"...

    Different computers will carry different capacities & softwares....

    Phone line connections, cable connections, wify connections...each carry its own speed & connectivity... an online chess game barely shows 45% of your playing potential !!! Unless you have one of those online cheat softwares...be always prepared to notice a big timing discrepancy when playing different players...especially at certyain times of the day...

    Do what i do...Just relax & enjoy !!!  Laughing

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    I've noticed the Android app is really bad with time issues. The other player will have moved and it won't show until 20 seconds later, sometimes my time will start ticking down prior to the moves of the other player, it isn't a connectivity issue b/c i'm usually connected to wifi on my android phone. Other times I'll just get "reconnecting" popping up over and over again until the round is over and I've already lost... oddly enough its usually happens during the last minute or so of the game, really frustrating... any one else experiencing the same issues?

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    i`ve been experiencincing the exact same thing...Always at the last minute...not only on chess.com but pogo chess, yahoo chess & so on...i guess it`s just a flaw from online gaming !!!

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    How are you connecting to the internet and what device are you using to play chess(iphone, pc, mac)?

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    MacBook Pro

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    connecting via an android, samsung galaxy with a wifi connection usually.

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    I have found a lot of lag on Chess.com as well. Am on a pretty fast service, so at a loss to understand the lag. 

    Wondering if it is possible for some people to "fake" lag, enabling them to get seconds during blitz games.

    The rush of blitz games is of course far too much a good thing to just go cold-turkey :)

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    How can I request a friend if we are not friends as of yet but know each other user name?

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    Thanx Hydra

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    no prob :)

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    DocBishopPhD wrote:

    Why is it when I play certan individuals my time jumps low, when they are the one taking up a lot of time between moves? I want to know

    it depends on your server


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    no problem

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    I was a member when these issues were happening so there is no difference between the full account and the free account when it comes to time issues.

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    Chess.com seems to be favoring some players and the cost of game to a person like me.  Repeatedly I have noticed that the time of the opponent was increased more than five times in the same game.  My last games of dt.9/11/2013 and 10/11/2013 is biggest proof for anybody to varify.  Have you noticed it too.  In the last game of dt.10/11/2013 at one point of time the countdown reached to ZERO and was hoping to emerge winner, but to my surprise he was granted 15 seconds more. 

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