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Tournament Game not loaded

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    I have just entered my first live tournament which I was enjoying winning three of the first four games, Then the fifth game did not load, I just saw the egg timer and then game was abandoned and I was then out of the tournament.

    Does this happen often? I like the idea of playing stanadard 15 10 tournement but would be totally browned off if after 2 or three games the same thing happened again,

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    Did it seem like you were disconnected from live chess totally, or did it seem that it was just that game?

    What browser/operating system were you using?

  • #3

    It seemed like just that one game,

    I was using firefox

  • #4

    It may have been that you were just disconnected from the server. Making sure that you occasionally clear out your cache/browsing data will help.  Also make sure that you don't have any other programs running in the background. 

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    I do run C cleaner regularly I don't belive it was a problem at my end. The only other application open at the time was outlook.


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