Who's the really cheaters?


I noticed lately on my game that the lag indicator interupted in one seconds then when the games back, the opponent position was change..my playmates near into checkmates, or my clocks is running out of time...what is this? now, who's the  really cheaters? the players or the site management? site saying ' live chess is fun to everyone'  what is fun in live chess? to cheat on the game? this can't be fun!


You probably have a poor connection to the server. Stick to online chess, so you don't have the problem that live chess will give you. If you have  agood connection, then it's not an issue.


Yes thesha, the connection is the problem there. I prefer you to play Online Chess to lessen this kind of problem.


@OP: All discussions of cheating are to stay out of the main forums. If you would like to discuss cheating, you may join the Cheating Forum:


Moreover, the problem you have described is not cheating or related to cheating. We are sorry that you are experiencing connection difficulties. The previous advice given to you is good: Try the correspondence-style Online Chess. It may possibly be even more effective at helping a chess player improve. Good luck!

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