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300 checkmate puzzles!! (puzzles 39 - 50)

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    hey, sorry about the shortening of part 3, hope you enjoy Laughing


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    hehe I was just wondering when we were going to see a Mate in 2 without a first move check.

    Can't wait for the next installment!

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    fun puzzle:

    black to move and draw Wink

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    thanks for the puzzel but please try to reverse black pieces as well 

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    I was proud to be in black's position at my State Chess Tournament in the posted puzzle with white king and queen vs. black king and pawn.

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    sorry, but the fourth part (puzzles 51 - 60) might take longer to make cos ive been quite busy lately

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    I like this post :D solved them all.

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    its fun

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    Very interesting puzzles!

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    And easy

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    Does anyone know if he has posted the remainder of the 300 puzzles? If so, where can I find them. They are fun to do😀

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    You know, I like all the puzzles but they are too EASY.


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