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A Miniature from the Berlin.

  • #1

    White has just played 16.Nd4 and then I played which turn out to be blunder  Kd8 ?? why ? try the puzzle.

  • #2

    That's a nice tactic. Too bad you were on the wrong end of it. Why did you play 16...Kd8?

  • #3

    to get a way from the e - rook, lol 

  • #4

    isn't the e pawn free for you to take instead of that Kd8?

  • #5

    no, if you look at the game, if I took that e pawn then knight would have been pinned. 

  • #6

    to see the game, click on 'solution' then the 'move list'

  • #7

    That's a cool mating trap! (too bad you were on the receiving end!) : )


  • #8

    Not too difficult. Once I saw the bishop and knight in front of a rook I new it was going to be a discovered check. It is a good double check though.


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