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Asorski Original Chess Problem No. 49

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    No. 48 is fine, solved easily by s0030135.

    Below is a medium puzzle. Happy solving. Goodluck!Cool

                              White mates in 2

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    EDIT: Ah, damn, you got there just before me Tongue Out

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    s0030135 find the key instantly!

    CONGRATULATIONS! You have solved this problem!Cool

    In my unpublished book of original chess problems, this (no. 49) has the most number of variations with 15! The key move is good providing two escape routes for the Black King while setting ( the Queen and Rook ) a discovered mate. Here is my diagram with fifteen different mates!

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    Again congratrulations to s0030135 for solving the problem. Scottrf of England find the key one minute too late. You two will receive a trophy! Also thanks to you both for providing a diagram.

    Let me know what you are thinking with my problems. Please post your comment here. Good or bad it's always welcome. --Asorski--Cool

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    I just copied his answer Wink Hopefully I'll earn the next trophy.

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    Haha, you have a banana split avatar, isn't it? Great puzzle by the way. Preparing a discoverd attack.

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    But it was also a bit obvious, because of defending the 1...Re8+ thread

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    Adriandmen wrote:

    But it was also a bit obvious, because of defending the 1...Re8+ thread

    Yah. Banana split look so delicious huh!Cool

    Well the key is an obvious one. My theme in making this puzzle is to make as many variations as possible. The American composer Robert Lincoln once made a 2-mover problem with fourteen different variations. Well my 2-mover with 15 variations ( No. 49) is hard to break, isn't it?

    Remember my problem no. 36? that's my only problem with only one variation. In that problem the key is 1. Qc1!! and any Black move is defeated by White's reply: 2. Qc4#!

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    Scottrf wrote:

    I just copied his answer  Hopefully I'll earn the next trophy.

    Scottrf, please stay tuned for more puzzles. And please don't look at other solvers answer. We are just making fun here. Anyway, I already sent you your trophy.

    Goodluck on your next solving!Cool

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    Geticus wrote:

    "Some notes Mr. ASORSKI allow me analyzing your problem no.49: The starting position is seen as black has 3 Chess (NF7 +; Re8 + and Qxe5 +) which overturns all other attempts by whites to checkmate in 2 moves, making the test during: 1Ra4? (2Nc6 + +)

    1Re2? Threatened (2Qe3; QG1 #) and other tests, so the only move that is KEY: 1Qg1! threatens 2 (R ~ h2 ...... Rxb2 the horizontal column f 2 and f1 to f8) with mat, so a total of 13 threats!

    Hence the main theme black defense and secondary you and the two colleagues have listed 15, but you missed another 5 main areas: 1) 1 ... Rxb6 canceled 12 threats and creates a field for the king (c4!) 2 Rc2 #

    2) 1 ... Rf7! 12 threat cancels 2 Rxf7 # 3) 1 ... Qf5 2Rxf5 # 4) 1 ... QF3 2RXf3 # 5) 1 ... 2 QE2 Rxe2 # 6) 1 ... Qg5 2Rf4 # but defense 7) 1. interfering crazy .. RC7 allowing capturing pawn e5 white! 2 Rf5 #! but secondary defenses as BF3 field creates refuge for king! another 6 Version 1 ... B ~ (anywhere) h1-a8 diagonal 2) Rf4 + + mat

    CONCLUSION: Since 7 variants KEY 15 = 22 And on leaving the outlet 1Qg1 but compensation creates 2 fields of refuge for King (construction defect!) PLS TRANSLATE: BEAUTIFUL problems, but the key is forced? With many races but for a ,, problemist "advised to carefully consider easy to find! CONGRATULATIONS! Without considering such engine problem!"


    Thanks for your obsevation Geticus.

    Well, this puzzle is just one of my few chess problems with an easy key.

    For a different key/medium puzzle, please see my Original Chess Problem nos. 5, 6, 9, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 21, 26, 28, 46, 47. etc, etc.


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