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backrank problem - black to move

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    For some time I can't make the pgn or fen work so I will post picture instead. I will post solution in a day or so if no one found it yet.

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    I think that black's strongest threat in this position is an arabian mate, however f3 square is currently protected by white's bishop. Therefore, this looks very strong:


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    Ok on second thought 1... Be4+ is very strong too. I missed the line 2. Kg1 Rg2+ 3. Kf1 Rf7+ with mate to follow.

    But, on third thought, maybe 2. Kg1 Rg2+ 3. Kh1!? then what? 3... Rxb2+ 4. kg1 Rg2+ 5. Kh1 Rd2+ 6. Kg1 Rxd1 7. Rxc7+!

    Fourth thought, 5... Re2+ instead 6. Kg1 Rxe1+ 7. Bxe1 Rxd1 and black has the upper hand.

    Fifth thought, if 3... Rxb2+ it seems white should play 4. Rxe4. So 3... Re2+ immediately looks better.

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    coneheadzombie wrote: 

    I see now that 1... Rxd1 loses.

    Anyway, that just looks like a quick variation from your computer you have there. But 7... exd5 should be quicker.

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    This is the solution ct-art gave but I can see you guys had some good ideas as well. I punched in some alternatives in the pgn. When I was trying to solve it I didn't even see the move Rf7. So good find LongIslandMark.

    Sometimes I can't make fen work, today it worked but I find it a bit curious.

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    LongIslandMark wrote:
    coneheadzombie wrote:
    LongIslandMark wrote:


    I said "makes it more fun" in that regard. Can we drop this? It seems like a matter of semantics.

    So by "typical puzzle" you mean "simple puzzle"?

    Yes, exactly. What words mean to me and what they mean to folks posting on this site (or the general chess community) are somewhat different at times. Thanks for the education.

    Also to my education, I see now my post about linking up the rooks "on general principles" was not the best post. It got the responses it deserved (none). Better would to have done the analysis and posted a line, not my knee-jerk guess. Had I done so, I could have said "I considered this, but it doesn't lead to a force mate" - or maybe just not posted the idea.

    I actually did comment on your move. I didn't even see the move Rdf7. Had I seen your move I hadn't discarded the Be4 move. Rdf7 definitely should be considered a candidate as it threatens mate in two moves!

    In fact looking it now I can't find a defense for white. Maybe h3, but I don't know, it looks complicated.

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    But white is up 2 pieces already. Bad position to be in, not much you can do. I would try Knight on 8 rank a or e just to safe off the piece.

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    Wow this blew me totally out of the water. Didn't see that white had this threat. I was only thinking of white position in the light of defense of blacks threats but white has threats of his own! Good find both of you. Cool

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    Cogwheel wrote:

    If you're thinking 1. Rdf7

    I don't think you're correct about Be2 line tho. White wouldn't take on e2.


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