Bluff or Blunder?


White plays Qb4, dreaming of a fork next turn by moving Qe7. However, Black plays the astonishing move, Rb5. Did Black make a serious blunder? Or does Black have something else in mind, overlooking the lost rook?




Yes! Black plays Qc1#. Black loses a rook, but takes White’s king.





How did white get two light squared bishops?


Rd5?? is not astonishing. There is no force threat by that rook, except the trap you win the game if opponent does mistake by cxd5??


If he doesnt take with pawn and play Nc3! , you have to run back you rook with losing tempo.



" Making pure traps" is always popular among beginners as there is high chance that opponent beginner might fall into trap. Making traps in general sacrifice the logical play such as improve in position or strategic plan.



What about the strong forced move like " Bxf3". gxf3 Qxf3 Rxh6 Ne4.