B+N versus Q !


White to move and win!

How can I find the author of this composition? Is there any wide problem database on internet? I tried with the Meson database, but it only has "mate in x" problems.


It might be a guy called MILORAD VUJOVIC.

I get this from google translate...

Schacchisti Dear friends,
those of you who knew the charming and picaresque figure Milorad Vujovic (Micko)?
Yugoslav International Master who for years has turned to the Italian chess clubs and participated in almost all the tournaments that are organized in our country?
Vujovic was living chess and chess. He played it and collect awards and sold books Yugoslavs during tournaments.
Carry, below, a position that was Vujovic often see players in a tournament breaks, saying they "choose color friend, so I always win."

And your position is the one referred to...


Found it!

Its a study by Liburkin



Thanks Laughing


I think the study itself should also get some comments, it's really good..