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Can you draw this position?

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    I would imagine USCF rules would be specific enough to state that mate must be impossible regardless of the play of both sides -- I'm not sure what else the definition would be. The given position doesn't meet that definition because mate is possible depending on how both sides play.

    Whether a king and knight will be theoretically enough material to mate will depend on the position the other side has.

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    I know, 50 move rule!!

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    falcogrine wrote:

    I know, 50 move rule!!(Or for some reason repetition)

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    Here's an example of FIDE ruling that white's clock in this situation would not be a draw. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monika_So%C4%87ko#Rules_appeal_in_2008

    It seems like USCF policy is different, and is somewhat controversial.  It requires a forced win.  That means 2 kings and 2 knights is a draw if time runs out, unlike the FIDE ruling above. Still, the puzzle I made would be a win for black, but only because a win is forceable. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rules_of_chess#Timing

    So I was wrong: white to play and lose, not draw.  Except on live chess on the internets. End thread.

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    My solution stands, I successfully drew the position!

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    Nice to know Socko got things straightened out Smile

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    I did like your solution best.

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    A thorough refutation, at least over the board. All of white's legal moves lose.

    1.a4 Nc2#
    1.Na4 Nc2#
    1.Nb5 Nc2#
    1.Nd5 Nc2#
    1.Ne4 Nc2#
    1.N3e2 Nc2#
    1.Nd1 Nc2#
    1.N1e2 Nc2# (1...Nb3#)
    1.Nd3 Nc2# (1...Nb3#)
    1.Nb3 Nc2# (1...Nxb3#)

    So there must be some trickery going on off the board... 

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    what board

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    M_Hassen wrote:

    My solution stands, I successfully drew the position!

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    since white's previous mov cud b only one of the nights, i will call myself as blunder king and buy some dozen books on 'how to avoid blunders' and spend rest of the life reading them!!

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    Worst thread ever


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