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Chess Puzzle I Composed

  • #1

    Here's a chess puzzle I composed. There are many good moves, but try to find best that leads to a mate in 8!

    Try to rate it in difficulty, please.

  • #2

    Mate in 8, you say? Therefore, all moves must be check, so I'm assuming Rf7 is the first move.

  • #3

    Rf7 Bxf7.

  • #4

    The first move isn't check, so if you find the first move, I'll give you all the credit since there are many variations for the resulting checkmate.

  • #5

    Rc6 looks good, threatening Be5#.

    Really though, Nxg5 looks fine.

  • #6

    Nxg5 isn't the best, but you have the right idea of moving the rook for a bishop mate. But which rook move is the best?

  • #7

    I meant from a practical point of view, game looks over after Nxg5.

    As for the problem, can't get it yet.

  • #8

    This is a great and well thought puzzle!!

  • #9

    So you got the answer?

  • #10

    how bout start with Re7 followed by Be5# black can only delay

  • #11
    Spotlion schreef:

    So you got the answer?


  • #12
  • #13

    yea that looks correct king can escape after Re7 f4 i think

  • #14

    Good job, s0030135.

    Please post the difficulty out of 5.

  • #15
    Spotlion wrote:

    Good job, s0030135.

    Please post the difficulty out of 5.

    For him, 0.

  • #16

    for me, checkmate difficulty:5

    winning difficulty: negative over 9000

  • #17

    I would rate it 2 out of 5.


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