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Daily Puzzle Submissions! *Be Involved*

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    How do you submit a topic?
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    Vitali, if black plays Be6 it isn't mate in 3.

    Spike mason, if black doesn't play Rd8 it isn't mate in 4. 

    Forkman, Nd6 is mate.

    Chessnoob, Rxh5 is mate.

    Sotyguitarist, Nxe5 and white lost a knight.

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    apple127 wrote: hold on forkman, isn't the first move knight d6 mate?


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    Fool's Mate (test)

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    I've seen this by playing a computer. Is there a name for this combo move? 






    By far my favorite combo. Where both your Queen and Knight are attacked by only pawns and still you can get matarial advantage.

    You'd need white (here) to make their mistake, but almost always afterwards you'll see a quick win/resign.

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    Aaaahhhh!!!! dude!that su-ck!!! you got mate in one, and you screw it up with the king
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     Why wont any one say anything about my puzzle HUH!!!!!   Yell

      Cry gimmi a comment!!

    CheckmateBlack wrote:

        How sis 1? Mate in 2....quite hard.








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    good puzzlesl.
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    CheckmateBlack, since you asked, 1. ... Kf5 would stop the mate.
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    erik wrote: you can also submit in PGN format :)

     as in a (one-game) pgn file with a header [FEN " ..."] line?


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    flying2828 wrote: CheckmateBlack, since you asked, 1. ... Kf5 would stop the mate.

     Well... Im copying a puzzle my chess coach gave me, 

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    The obvious comment is that there is an obvious mundane no-sac mate-in-2:

    1. Rg3+ Kf4 ( only legal move! ) 2. Qf3# Laughing

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    yes :) i logged in to correct my post - but you've seen it aleady ... or have you? your diagram above doesn't show it :

    1. Qe6+ KxQ 2.  Rg6 { dis. ch }  # (Rg6 is necessary to prevent 2..e5)

    But it makes a nice mate-in-2 puzzle now. (just correct the pgn)



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    A game I played and thought I would share. 

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    Maybe I'll give it a try...


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    That's a knight and queen combination to checkmate the Black king.
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    Try this one. Its from a game I had played quite recently. The level of difficulty is Easy. Mate in 4.




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