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Daily Puzzle Submissions! *Be Involved*

  • #1201

    Thanks for the puzzle, cool and easy, but instructive sacrifice.

  • #1202

    Thanks also @ Coolchessboy .

  • #1203
    wyh2010 wrote:
    Supermissile wrote:

    Here's my puzzle.

    Mate in 2


    #18 is silly


    Knight goes to Ng7#

  • #1204

    @supermissile, dans ton puzzle, mat 1 move Chevalier g7++

    @supermissile, in your puzzle possible, one move Ng7 and checkmat.


  • #1205

    mate in 6

    (i just noticed there is a mate in 5)

  • #1206
    forkman wrote:
    Here's a puzzle I made up. 

    your solution should be : Nd6#

  • #1207

    Hello all remenber chesscoolboy?

    that's me! Matekid!

    my puzzle was great right? the coolest check mate ever!now a a ok here's a one

    is this a possvele to get in this puzzle?

    1.yes 2.not

    can this black pawn can go where they go?

    1.yes 2.not

    ok the answer will be after 5days

  • #1208

    Easy mate in 6. By easy I mean easy FOR a mate in 6.
  • #1209

    @abzfiya: the mate in 5 is 5...Qe5#?
    @grandmaster: there is at least a 2nd choice 38...Rg7+ to mate, and I think more choices beforehand too
    @Matekid: please do the effort of showing a numered board so we at least know for sure which direction who is going to, since it is an impossible situation that comes in handy... btw Ng5# 

  • #1210

    Here's a strange mate in 3 I encountered against a weak chess player. Difficulty: Easy
  • #1211
    MatthiasVanCampen wrote:

    @grandmaster: there is at least a 2nd choice 38...Rg7+ to mate, and I think more choices beforehand too

    Do you mean Rxg2?  You can't get to g7 with the rook. But there's also 38...Rf4+ 39. Ka5 Ra4#.

  • #1212

    thanks GrandMaster3141. easy, you can to say it.

  • #1213

    nice puzzle!

  • #1214

    Puzzle 1 of the day!!
  • #1215

    Puzzle 2 of the day! Good Luck!
  • #1216

    This is an actual position from one of my games.  Easy mate.


  • #1217

    Here is another one.  Blacks Rd8 move is just a placeholder; he could have made any other move (except the ones shown in the variations) with the same result.

  • #1218
    miyagi wrote:
    White mates in 2 moves

    what about pawn b5 blocks queen.

  • #1219

    A good mate

  • #1220

    what on earth is FEN format ?? 


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