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Difficult puzzle

  • #1

    I composed this puzzle myself - enjoy! (mate in 6)

  • #2

    Nice puzzle!

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    It was nice. Took me some time to figure out, but I need to do more puzzle like this one, where you trap the king.

  • #4

    Interestingly a couple of weeks after I composed this puzzle I reached a similar position in an online blitz game. However my opponent timed out and the game was drawn (although I should have won).

  • #5

    Nice puzzle, although this theme is very well-known.

    Also, what happens if Black plays 1...Kg1? I'm sure that there is still a mate in 6, but what is it?

  • #6

    1. ...Kg1 2. Ne3

  • #7

    cool puzzle :) 

  • #8

    Nice one. I need to do it again to understand well and find others like this one.

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