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Don't checkmate the King

  • #1

    If there are better moves (besides checkmate) tell me.

  • #2

    Show me how black got 2 dark squared bishops (The whole game from the beginning).

  • #3

    Promote b-pawn by capturing to a1 or c1. No problem.

    On a more important note, why would you prohibit checkmating if this is an actual game?

  • #4

    Sorry about the 2 black squared bishops 

  • #5

    Made the puzzle up on the fly

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  • #7

    Move 8.... Why doesn't the bishop just eat the rook? No point blocking

  • #8
    Fiveofswords wrote:

    if you arent allowed to checkmate then the best move would probably be resign

    It could be a draw.

  • #9

    Sounded like the title of an Anne Hathaway musical


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