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First problem

  • #1

    Hi. This is my first chess problem post.
    I played this game a few days ago and when I analyzed it I found a mate that I had completely overlooked.
    Can you find it?
    I bet you can, but I could not....


  • #2

    Its easy when you say its mate : ) Found it in 5 seconds I think. If you have said something like.. Find the best move for White, like you try in real game, then it might be a bit harder.

  • #3

    Good point Lolada.

    Ill remember that. By the way, in the game I moved Bh3+ right away allowing his king to escape. I managed to win in the end, but it could have been much easier.

  • #4

    I have found another one:

    1. Ng3:+ fg3: 2. Bh3+ Kf2 3. fg3:#

  • #5

    No, sorrry Loek, but that is not a mate.
    White can take the pawn with his rook.

  • #6

    Oops, you are right. By the way, a very beautiful first move!

    Hmm: 1. .. Ng3:+ 2. fg3: Bh3+ 3. Kf2 fg3:+ 4. Rg3: Bg3:+ 5. Kg3: Qg2+ 6. Kf4 Qg4#.

  • #7

    you made me rotate my monitor 180º


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