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Just Keep Checking

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    That's smart!

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    It was enjoyable but what about this?

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    Slicer, there is more than one solution.

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    24.....Qh6+ , 25. Qh7 Qxh7 mate is much better

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    Joe, in your line I would probably play 3....Rfe8

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    Just Keep Checking

    26. ... Nxd1 is not a check
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    Joseph_the_conquerer: Even if that variation did play out, black could be said to be in an equal or superior position. White has limited offense and is down in material with the rook unable to come into play for a few moves.

    SalitNeil:Yeah. I noticed the forced mate too after examing the puzzle again: I wished that I had noticed in the real game. 

    GSHAPIROY: The final move  is the only one where I didn't check. If you consider the variation about qh6, it is all checks. The whole point was the recovery of material and gain in position.


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