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    2...Qc8 and there is no quick victory.

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    yeah,... black made a mistake

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    thymaster wrote:

    yeah,... black made a mistake

    Might want to edit the puzzle then. Queen on f4 instead of f5 would work.

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    no, usually one person wins a game because their oppenent makes a mistake

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    but then its not a tactic if it isn't forced!

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    thymaster wrote:


    So I'm looking at your puzzle, assuming that I have to mate Black (although you haven't actually stated the objective). I see 2.Re8+, but see that it fails to mate after 2...Qc8. How am I supposed to guess the move when it doesn't work against correct defence?

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    sometimes your oppenent makes a mistake

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    Ok, I see you fail to grasp the point. Just bear in mind, you're likely to get the same reaction from any half-decent player the next time you post unsolvable puzzles.

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