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Mate in 10

  • #1

    Hope you enjoy that puzzle!

    I found this somewhere. It took me while, but I still didn't solve it. Good luck!

  • #2

    Pretty complicated position, although possible.

  • #3

    Okay, well please state that there at a few points in your puzzle, multiple solutions. Or state "find the quickest mate". Right now you are making it seem like its all forced, when some of its not.

  • #4

    that's not the quickest mate??
    oops, my bad..

    can someone plz show me a quicker mate 

  • #5

    Well it is the quickest mate, it is just that I find it frusterating that the obvious exf6 is not "just as good", because its not faster...your solution is fastest.

  • #6

    From a famous Alekhine game

  • #7

    4.Ne4+ also mates as quick as 4.Rf5+ does.

  • #8

    cool thanks guys!

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    I didn't make, though, but yea, it's a fun puzzle

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    thanks for the link


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