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Mate in 9 - extremely hard

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    The following position is altered from a Marshall gambit game I played long time ago. My opponent won material at the cost of neglecting the critical a8-h1 diagonal, which exposed his king to serious mate threats.


    Can you find the correct path to victory? rest assured, if you make a mistake you will lose the game.


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    epic.!!!..this one puzzle is just fantastic...i can't even think of giving such a mate during the game...

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    @ shoopi... play with me a game of chess, please!!...it wud help me alot...

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    Hard.. i made the last four moves and the first  move but the other four i had to click help

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    Qh3 leads to forced mate in two...Qh3 f3 Bxf3 Kf2 Qg2#

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    1... Qh3 looks good but white can defend against mate, and win.


    1... Qh3 2. f3 Bxf3 3. Re2 Bxe2 4. Nd2.

    It's in the move list.

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    Keep this way. I'm deeply stunned and full of delight that you were able to drive me back to the times when i've heared about a8-h1. Astonishing and amazing...I supossed that you have nothing else better to do.

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    Not the hardest puzzle, but nice rook sac.

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    That is a fantastic line I haven't analysed too deeply. Brilliant indeed, thanks!

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    Great puzzle...simply great.


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