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Middle game puzzle

  • #1

    An interesting middlegame puzzle.

  • #2

    Really hard puzzle!Tongue out

  • #3

    why not 1.Ng7#

  • #4

    Pardon my ignorance, but why not Ng7# from the get-go?

  • #5

    Why not 2. Ng7# ?

  • #6

    Ng7 # would be the less complicated plan and the better however the really long drawn out forced moved was fun to look at  

    nice try with this puzzle

  • #7

    Sorry about that error! I changed the puzzle slightly so hopefully it works now

  • #8

    I solve that puzzle only 2 minutes.

  • #9

    Ng7 is a blunder because of the rook.

  • #10

    Super easy.

  • #11

    Great puzzle. One, I like puzzles where they don't give you a hint before hand (like "Mate in 4").  It seems to me like most puzzles are mating ones and not positional ones...it would be cool to see the latter type more frequently.


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