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Mind Breaker Problem

  • #1

    This is a very ingenious problem I found in a Sunday newspaper (don't start to looking I wont tell You) .White to move and draw. I don't put the solution yet,so set Your board and try to solve,better no moving the pieces. I will post

    the solution on a few days that is very clear and simple (no more help). Have Fun
  • #2

    Seeing as he can't catch the a pawn, it looks like white can use the f and h pawns to deflect the g pawns (similar to the classic 3 vs 3 breakthrough idea) and promote the g pawn. I'm doing something wrong though because it looks like white can win.

  • #3

    The first diagram is surely wrong: white has an easy win with either 1.f5 or 1.h5.

    I guess the idea is pushing f5, taking on g6 and then putting the king on h5 and stalemating him with g2-g4. Nice one, but not a serious option if you can win easily!

  • #4

    Is my mistake! Here is the right position

  • #5

    here is the right position more dificult for white

  • #6

    It would have been much prettier with a pawn on b5 instead of a6, since Black promotes to queen, and then it cannot do anything to prevent stalemate.

  • #7

    IM pfren You are a Pro!

    Nice problem

  • #8

    Very nice.


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