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Proof game

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    Hey guys, this is another composition of mine. I have no idea if it's easy or hard.

    Proof game in 7 moves (try to reach this position in 7 moves).

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    Ive never heard of that, how bizarre

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    From Wikipedia:

    proof game is a type of retrograde analysis chess problem. The solver must construct a game starting from the initial chess position, which ends with a given position after a specified number of moves.

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    I found one solution. The comp pointed out a dual and another solution.

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    Thanks. What program do you use to check for duals?

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    shoopi wrote:

    Thanks. What program do you use to check for duals?

    I use Euclide to test Proof Games.

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    theemathas wrote:

    Wait! I think the solution is wrong!

    the FEN indicates that black can castle short!

    He has to put some form of castling rights in the FEN for the site to accept it. Naturally, he may not wish to give away the solution by removing black's kingside castling rights.

    Besides, I already computer-tested the problem. The Rh8 moves or dies in every solution.

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    Yes, I wanted to present the position as given, withought giving any hints that black cannot castle.


    I could have said ignore the FEN. Next time I will. Thanks!

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    what is proof game shoopi.can u tell me about ur all puzzle.i couldnt understand ur puzzle.what is that?


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