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puzzle 0001

  • #1

    White play, black mate in 3

  • #2

    white won on 3 move. happy thinking.

  • #3

    I think it's 1. Qg7 Rc7 2. Rd8+ Rc8 3. Qxb7#

  • #4

    Nope, that's not right.

  • #5

    @sunshiny if 1. Qg7 Rxc6. its not mate in 3

  • #6

    Perhaps this:

    I'm sorry, but unfortunately, though I thought differently, this is the 2nd closest option to the correct solution, in which only one specific move of black saves himself from mate in 3. Maybe that I'll find the perfect solution some other time.

    Kind regards,


  • #7
    indianteacher wrote:
    I think I have the solution.

    starting 1.Rd7

    I think you are right; I can't see any move for black resulting in more than mate in 3.

  • #8

    To indian teacher & player 8, i answer Rb8! okey? no mate in 3.

  • #9

    I think Cogwheel has it. I didn't see 2. Qf7 wins.

  • #10

    No, black would play Rh8. If white then plays 2. Qf7, black has 3. Rh2+, stalling mate.

  • #11

    I see now... it is correct. Good job on solving it.


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