"Impossible" Puzzle

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    I think it's clearly over. I don't know if there's somebody who can give any other escaping move.

    I think this has been very tough, interesting, or anything you may say.

    My friend gave me 1 week to answer this puzzle starting from the day I was asked (also the same day I first upload the problem).

    But it seems it's already solved within 3 days.

    Thanks for all who have contributed and especially the solver.

    Best regards.

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    Amazing Puzzle!

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    Thanks! True_Beginner, I will be happy at solving more puzzles again!Smile

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    Here is my suggested solution:

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    Hello stngr, 1. Qaf1 is answered by 1...Be6! threatening 2...Bd5+

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    I would have had removed my hat too had it been "Ke2" was the only move that could unlock the mating combinations.

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    Hi Asorski. Thanks for noting. 1...       Be6, you said?

    well here is the reply:

    2. Rd8+

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    OOops! my apology. I placed the bishop not on its original post at d6!. Well.. I should say, damn good puzzle ... I salute the one who made it.

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    illegal move ang 2. Rd8+. After 1...Be6, 2. Rg8+ pwede pa but that fails simply to 1... Bxg8! and no mate in 3 is in sight.

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    ok. well, check out my original chess problems at More Puzzles Section under the heading Asorski's Original: Pawnless Society, Pin and counter-pin, etc. Thanks.

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    Ok Asorski, thanks. 

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    I couldn't refute Ke2 etc.  (Not that I am any authority!)  It is a beautiful puzzle.  I became so preoccupied trying to "get out of the situation", and what is needed is more of a waiting move, that opens a little space and a tempo, like a feint in fencing.  Very nice. 

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    Benko once stated that good compositions should only contain the pieces required for the mate.

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