Shredderchess weekly problem discussion thread

cobra91 is perhaps the best source available for clever and highly instructive puzzles that are guaranteed to improve your game drastically (I'm talking about the weekly problems, not the puzzle of the day; the latter tends to be a bit too easy).

However, the site doesn't have a forum to discuss/comment on these puzzles, nor are they often mentioned here on, which is why I decided to start a topic where they could get the attention they deserve.

Here is a link, but somehow I doubt anyone will comment unless I actually post the puzzles. Tongue out  So here they are, in order of increasing difficulty:

















































______________________________________________________________________________ features eight new puzzles each day (except that the weekend counts as one day), updating every week. The puzzles listed above were for this weekend. How well did you do on them?


Do you notice that this week the problems was not updated?


They are updated every Monday, and then stay up until the following week. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

Anyways, I'll be posting the new puzzles from Shredder's site on a daily basis, so feel free to comment on/discuss whatever problems you find the most interesting. It'll be just like the "Daily Chess Puzzles" forum here on, but with more puzzles, better puzzles, and all in one thread.