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tactics trainer opening page

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    the new bar graph history which pops up is way too busy and the current rating is not immediately apparent. oh well. what can be done?

  • #2

    I can't find my current rating, my all-time high score, and my correct/incorrect percentage. I now have a lot of information which doesn't interest me and can't find information which does interest me. You don't seem to know when to leave well-enough alone. Years ago, Mad magazine used to make jokes about the Works Project Administration, which performed capital improvement projects during FDR's Presidency. 1 joke was an army of men with buckets extending from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean and back again, 2 lines, and the army's duty was to empty the Pacific into the Atlantic bucketful by bucketful, and then return empty buckets to the Pacific side to be filled again. This project would employ hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, to no apparent purpose: the ultimate make-work project.

  • #3

    good one leadbelly..singing goodnight, goodnight irene

  • #4

    You didn't simply add new information or add new functions. You removed some information and added other information. You didn't solicit my opinion before you made changes. Did you solicit anybody's? Did you really expect everybody to be pleased? Are you going to add back in the all-time high and percentage information? It used to be extremely easy to determine all-time high, percentage info, and how many problems one had attempted/succeeded. Now it isn't.


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