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The Best and Most Difficult Chess Puzzles Ever

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    Puzzle 1: Prepare to kick yourself if you use the 'Help' button:







    Puzzle 2: I'll give you a hint on this next one, the first promotion is a knight, you'll see why!







    Puzzle 3: Another strange occasion...







    Puzzle 4: Black had agreed in this game to mirror whites moves. Bad choice! Mate in 4!







    Feel free to comment and post your own 'most difficult' chess puzzles.

  • #2

    The first puzzle was hard nice puzzle's

  • #3

    Nice, those are some hard puzzles.  Good job!!!Wink

  • #4

     sweet...like ur en passant (think i spelled it wrong lol) Sealed

  • #5

    Yes, well pointed out, just shows how silly black was to agree to copy everything white did! Wink

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    tooeasy1 wrote:

     sweet...like ur en passant (think i spelled it wrong lol)

    "En passant" is correct :)

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    Re: Puzzle #2 - promotion to N is not required . . .

  • #8

    daxelson: But what if 1... Bxg2?

  • #9

    Good job picking these up, has anyone got some of their own 'most difficult?'

  • #10

    Estevon, it's true that the black king can move to h5. But white can simply play Qd3 and avoid the black king run away. After Kh4/Kg4, white plays Qh3#Wink 

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    mos of he ae unusual puzzles but nice! ^_^

  • #13

    mos of them are unusual puzzles

    i mean

  • #14

    for the first one, who would use the 'help' button, it's soooooo easy!

  • #15

    2nd one was very unusual but nice, all the same

  • #16

    puzzle 3 was even more unusual, but cool moves 2 end the game nice and quick

  • #17

    the 4th puzzle was quite silly, why wouldn't the black bishop take the white queen

  • #18

    overall, nice collection of intriguing puzzles, nelso_125

  • #19

    Cheers everyone! I'm trying to get another puzzle like these 4.


  • #20

    You should have submitted some of these to the DailyPuzzle! : )


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