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The hardest tactic

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    greekgift_221b wrote:

    First of all, learn the notation. It is Nxd4, and it is not like Balco King has two squares to go to.

    Well, the D and E are right on top of each other and my auto-correct is off. And like I said I just looked at it for a few seconds...after looking at it again it's obvious the only move that works is a quiet one.

    1. Be4 

    If they don't resign after that, they should've.

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    GMmanums2006 wrote:


    GMmanums2006 wrote:  
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    GMmamums2006 indeed wrote... ur very observant

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    Be4 is what I found
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    CheesyPuns wrote:

    GMmamums2006 indeed wrote... ur very observant

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    I must be an idiot, but I have to ask, whose move is it?
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    Read the first page happy.png


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    Be4 is the answer.


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    Destiny wrote:

    Gave me migraines . It's a tough one for sure. And no, couldn't solve it here.

    u look pretty ...if it felt wrong sorry I did not meant to annoy u
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    lol tongue.png


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