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The most beautifull puzzle

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    My parents played chess activly when I was a kid and (naturally) I wanted to play this strange game. But... the condition to play with my dad was to solve this chess puzzle. My mother teached me the rules and next day I was in my room with the puzzle... It was mate in four and I just learned the rules and i was 8... After 15 min I was so angry I could't solve it so my father revealed me the secret.

    Yes it was so easy and nice! And it was my first battle OTB! I will never forget this one! I don't know who was the mastemind but my father told me that it was Fischer himself. After so many years I didn't find that information so if someone knows (maybe my father was wrong) let me know please.

    OK so here it comes...

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    This is a variation of an old puzzle.  The theme is the same, with a mate in 4.


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    1.Rg6 hg+ 2.Kf6 g5 3.Kf5 g4 4.hg#Smile


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