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What is this Mate Called

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    What is this Mate Called. Thanks
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    smothered mate :)

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    As Vinedrinker says, it's a smothered mate. I think this particular one is sometimes called Philidor's Mate, or Philidor's Legacy.

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    welcome to earth.

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    I'm not sure, but is this also a venus fly trap mating net, resulting in a smothered mate?

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    This is a smothered mate

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    Thanks lads, I thought it was a smothered mate but that it had a particular name like some mates such as Lollis mate or arabian mate.

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    Yep, smothered mate or Philidor's legacy, first featured in a book by Lucena in 1497!

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    It is called a smothered mate, or, if you please, Plilidor's legacy

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    The scolar's mate is quite simaliar in some ways:

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    Uhh...not at all.

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    here is a really longmate

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    smoothered mate


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