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When I am hungry

  • #481

    White can play 9.Be2 instead of 9.d4 :

    Which side is better here ? I don't know.But i am curious about the position and am ready to play it as black.

  • #482

    On 9.Be2 it is even better 9...Nxf3 :

    How to estimate this position ? I prefer black .

  • #483

    Another game i posted here :  A correspondence game

    Original puzzles of high quality you can find here : Asorski

  • #484

    All the lines in this game are like this one - not clear and not easy to estimate. I will stop with analyzing it -  not enough time recently .

  • #485

    I think Holmes haven't posted this puzzle :


                                   white to play and win 

  • #486

    The authors of the puzzle above are Daniel Novomesky and Lubo Siran - on the picture - both on the right .

    Unusual situation appeared on the last BKKS (Bratislava chess composition circle). Bedrich Formanek was not present in the moment as he had to leave sooner. A few people then analysed "prohibited" over-the-board chess games. From left: Peter Gvozdják only looked at it, but Marek Kolcak, Daniel Novomesky and Lubo Siran were deeply involved in this illegal activity. :-)
    (Added 13.9.2003)
  • #487


                                        white to play and win 

  • #488

    Nice very similar to the first puzzle I couldn't find Qd3!!

  • #489

    Recently i met a nice helpmate puzzle . Some information about helpmates :

    A helpmate is a kind of chess problem in which black moves first and helps white to checkmate him within a specified number of moves. In a helpmate in two (sometimes abbreviated to h#2), for example, the solution consists of a black move, a white move, a black move, and then another white move, giving checkmate. It should be noted that although the two sides are cooperating, all moves must be legal according to the rules of chess.

       the aothor of the puzzle is :

      Virgilio Fenoglio (20-02-1902 - 1990) Argentinian composer


    Helpmate in 2 moves

      2 solutions

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  • #491

    Ra7 Nf5 Rf7 Rh8 mate

  • #492
    Spotlion wrote:

    Ra7 Nf5 Rf7 Rh8 mate

    Correct - this is one of the 2 solutions .

  • #493

    Here is the second solution for the helpmate puzzle :

  • #494

    Gábor Cseh   

    helpmate in 3 moves

    Ideal-Mate Review 1997 

    Hon. Mention


  • #495

                                              Gábor Cseh   

                                        helpmate in 3 moves

  • #496

                     The next puzzle is in traditional chess rules :         




















                                     White to play and win 

                              Mario Matouš (Czech Republic)

                        1st Prize, Polášek and Vlasák 50 JT 2007

  • #497

                     What is the shortest game to the position?






    Bob Meadley

    Chess in Australia, Nov/Dec 1987

  • #498

    That's a very challenging puzzle.

    I had a clear strategy to achieve an ideal path, but I've encountered too many problems. The main problem was, that for the knights to reach their final position, it takes a minimum of 8 moves for each side - that is 4 moves a knight. However, by doing that I kept blocking the long diagonals where other pieces now couldn't move through. So, not finding a quick and simple solution, I went for 5 moves a knight, for a total of 10 moves for each side, which is clearly inferior.

    What's worse, is that I got to the position half a move late (with the wrong side to move), which calls for a useless waiting move from black to achieve the correct side to move. This makes it pretty obvious to me that the best solution is in 45 moves or less.


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  • #500

    Muito bom...mas acho que na 13ª. jogada as brancas poderiam ter atraido a torre adiversária usando um pedaço de queijo puxado por barbante.... 


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