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When is a Checkmate Not "Really" a Checkmate

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    Nope. The army surrenders

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    sameez1 wrote:
    seanysean2 wrote:
    sameez1 wrote:

    What game have you ever played where the king was taken.

    I have played many chess games in OTB tournaments where the king was taken.

    Yeah taken off the board to setup the next game. The king can't move the game is over,you can argue past that point ,your argument might even seem intelligent if you leave that point out of it .

    You've obviously never played in a blitz tourny OTB.

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    The idea with checkmate is that it gives a side the opportunity to capture the other King first

    It is still checkmate if the act of actually capturing the other King would put one's own King under attack

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    It's still Checkmate because the king can't move so he can't capture either because the rooks are protecting the queen.Now you understand?

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