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Witty problems!

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    Did anyone try to solve yet? Smile

    Or are they too simple for you experts?

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    Both are good the second one I ot easily but the first one I got all the moves except castling there's no indication to shpw that there's castling. But nice and witty.Smile Did you make them yourself?

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    No, I just posted them.
    OK, let us have another one:

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    Turm, can you explain the puzzle as why white and blackplay those moves I just can't seem to get it.

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    The first move by white is a very strong mating threat in 2.

    Black cannot defend, but he can threaten a perpetual with the rook because of stalemate ideas.

    White can only make progress by defending the perpetual threats.

    If he could play Pg4-g3, he would succeed immediately. But unfortunately, pawns must not move backwards. Therefore white has to go all way to g8 and make a queen which is kind of a pawn that CAN move backwards. Tongue out That is the actual joke of this problem.

    The last moves are not completely thematic, but a slightly faster sideline.

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    Awesome puzzle. Post some more.

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    In the first puzzle after bxa6 why doesn't black king take the pawn?

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    Sutirtha11 wrote:

    In the first puzzle after bxa6 why doesn't black king take the pawn?

    Going for stalemate is black's only chance to play for a draw. If Kxa6, there is nothing black can do after Ba3. White will simply play Nc3 next and win. With Ka8 however, there is the trick Rxb1+ and white cannot capture because of Rf1+ and stalemate. Therefore the double switchback Bc1 and Rb8 is forced, after which white can finally play Bb2. (With the knight on b1, Bb2 is mate after Rbf8 and Rf1#) 
    So the joke in this problem is how to remove the Nb1 to allow castling.

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    Next one. White to play and win!


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