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An open Compliment to Chess.com

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    First, let me say ... If you cheat, you're a douche!

    Second, I for one am glad that Chess.com takes a hard line on cheaters and bans them. Have they ever banned someone for cheating that didn't cheat? It's possible. But, you have to make the assumption that they have both analytical and human review processes in place to make the false positives a very small set.

    Finally, I give props to those that spice up the forums, trolls or otherwise. Admit it, we would all rather read the troll threads than the thousandth "Kings Indian" thread. With that said, if you make posts that upset the powers to be, you "should" understand that a consequence of that could be a ban. And before anyone talks about freedom of speech, well c.c is a private company. And while you are free to speak your mind, that doesn't mean c.c has to let you do so on their site. That's why God made FICS...

    But look at the bright side, if you get banned by c.c because of cheating (when you didn't), you must be a hell of a player! Go to ICC, playchess, RHP,etc., and kick butt. Or, just do a release/renew and get a different ip addy for a new account.

    If you get banned because you pissed off someone at c.c, carpe that diem beeyatch! You roll like the pimp you are ... then you can go release/renew ;)

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    You could have just said "Thank you chess.com" is enough.

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    I think this should win some kind of award. It is a rant and a compliment at the same time. Laughing

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    It's rap.

  • #5

    Principle #12 ... Accomplish many things in each move, right?

  • #6

    Multi-tasking at its finest. Smile

  • #7

    So my nonsense poetry makes chess.com forums better?

    In the name of Cerberus' second head and his kennel...

    yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Laughing

  • #8

    So, do ya think that dog poops three time as much? If so, no wonder he was such a horrible beast!

  • #9

    I never thought of that. Surprised


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