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Anyone familiar with mobile network operator laws please message me

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    Thanks Regards


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    If you need help, you're going to need to be a little more specific. What about mobile network operator laws?

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    Thanks EP chess, I was wondering if there is ever a way to get out of a 12 month contract, and reason in terms that would allow that? Mainly due to poor cust care
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    Hi Hydra,


    Is it with meteor or Vodafone or one of the others?

    There is a way but you must advise that where you live there is a signal problem,  

    One thing I would say is be carefull because what these feckers can do is report you to the credit bureau based in Clonskeagh and if that happens it could mean an end to your chances of getting most forms of credit with exception of a credit union loan for (5 years) so make sure that if you need to get out of the contract that you confirm they will not report you and get it in writing!!



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    Thats just what I needed to know, thanks emmet, and thx.for.the credit rating heads up too:)
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    No worries, sure let me know how it goes Sealed


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