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Chess Creepypastas

  • #1

    Are there even chess creepypastas?

  • #2

    Not that I'm aware of - can't image a chess creepypasta being very scary to be honest...

  • #3

     There is an insanity stigma attached to the history of the game, so maybe there are some scary ones.

  • #4

    If you ever find any, let me know!

  • #5

    We could probably make one up!Laughing

  • #6

    I bet we could Laughing

  • #7

    And most people have no idea what happens in the chess world. There could be some really creepy people playing chess tournaments around the worldWink

  • #8

    I'm sure there are :P

  • #9

    Like the chess player who cannibalized himself? Have you heard about him?

  • #10

    I haven't, no Surprised But that has Creepypasta written all over it!

  • #11

    He used to do chess videos for beginners. Someone posted one of his videos here, but Chess.com deleted it and even banned the person who posted it.

  • #12

    I've seen some creepyposters.


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