Chess in Movies




Not sure if this was mentioned but there is a scene in Rocky 4 which is the movie where Rocky is going to fight Drago in Russia. In a short scene, you can see that Apollo Creed’s coach is playing a game of chess against one of the special ambassadors that are supposed to be with them the entire time that they are in Russia. The coach ended up announcing checkmate which you have to remember that Russian chess players were the best chess players in the world at that time.
There is also a scene in the move 2001: A Space Odyssey where one of the astronauts is playing against the Hal9000 computer. My understanding is that the board and the move played came from an actual game.

In the War Games movie with Matthew Broderick after the Whopper computer determines that the best winning movie is not to play the War Games game itself that it requests to play a nice game of chess.
There is the scene in the first Independence Day movie where you see the character of David playing a game of chess in a park in New York against his father.

   "The White Cliffs of Dover" (1944) ........ Blackburne or Pillsbury?


I have some paintings of people playing chess from long ago.

And I see people playing chess in documentaries about prison.

You know that is one consolation for you.

If you ever get sent up to "the joint," you can indulge your favorite past time of chess. Maybe the players won't be good sports though. Better carry a shank.



My Cousin Vinnie

Anyone able to figure the opening from the layout of the pieces?

Edit:  From one scene to the next, pieces disappear off the board mysteriously.  For example, black's kingside rook is there one second, and gone the next.  What this tells us is that a few "takes" were needed for this scene.  Not to mention (your biological clock happy.png) it is hard to identify the pieces because the set is so modern in piece design.