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How do you get famous on chess.com

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    How do you get famous on chess.com?

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    I dunno

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    trash threads by posting stupid videos and annoying people

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    the videos may not be stupid but posting them here was.

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    My video posts are high-quality cultural comments on the problems, issues and challenges of our society. They take our normal perceptions of the cultural, subjective matrix and present a new paradigm of hope, reconciliation and vision for humanity's future.

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    I suppose you can get famous as a bored video spammer. That's one way around the selective embargo on image spamming.

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    interesting how these guys just spamm and post nothing interesting or useful

    the OP tried the rest of you guys are just phatetic

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    My art is too oblique. My artistry is too subtle. The unwashed masses do not understand the cunning commentary behind my video posts.

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    that's always the way with spammers, because they post music videos instead of something cool.

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