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I hate when...

  • #1

    people play on in dead drawn positions (having rejected 3 draw offers while a pawn down in a 4v3 rook endgame) just to run the other person out on time...

    Is there no professionalism in online blitz?

  • #2

    I believe the professionals only offer one draw, not threeWink

  • #3

    I suppose it's one of the unpleasant things about online blitz you're just going to have to tolerate. After all, it isn't against the rules to decline a draw offer.

  • #4

    What ended up happening was that I gave up my extra pawn to trade all the pawns off the board to end with KR vs. KR, and that's when I offered my final draw. Of course, he refused.

  • #5

    .... coaches are lying about themselves.

  • #6

    I am in an interesting rapid game and the phone rings. I handle the call fairly quickly, but still lose in time pressure. 

  • #7

    All KR vs. KR endgames without one side being able to capture a rook immediately are dead drawn. But yes, I no longer have mercy in online chess anymore. If I have time, I purposely promote many queens and slowly smother my opponent (avoiding stalemate of course).

    I really gotta learn KBN vs. K...then I can be a real d*ck.


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