Lesson Learnt


About 10 days ago I learnt a bitter lesson.  I was playing chess with girl.  As soon she blundered her Bishop, she started foul-mouthing me.  I got pissed & got sucked in it.  I disable the chat but somehow I got affected in mind.  What pissed me the most is that I actually lost that won match! I was actually shocked to see a girl behaviour that bad.  Well life is full of shock & I for once took it easy and was stunned.  I was so stunned that it affected me in next couples of days.  That was a lesson i learnt.  Never take things for granted.  Life is full of unexpected thing. Now I am basicly back to normal except that I have seem to have forgotten how to win. :)  


Another lesson learnt.  Not all old people are wise.  A so called old (twice my age) wise high rated player just had 2 game with me because he wanted to feed his bruised ego. The 1st game he won.  Then he started to talk nonsence.  He even called me a gay. I believe this guy is racist & certainly hates gays (Do note that I am not gay).  This time I was wise enough not to get sucked into it.  I forfeited my other game.  Not worth playing against a ego maniac like this. I reported him to chess.com.  I dont think any action will be taken but am sure now that person will be watched. 


Report Abuse?


Not really.  I did not do that.


I should have played you during those days :) just kidding


Oh I did not know that you were tracking me aldums.  Thanks for your words of wisdom & sarcasms as well.  No hurt & I am definately not embrassed to lose to a lower rated players or a girl.  I am just angry at myself for being such a FOOL!!!  I should have just disable the chat immediately instead of .....(i think you know what i mean).

And note that my losing in chess now has nothing to do with the incident above.  I am just being too careless by not seing the whole board & not calculating properly.   :)


Hey, Jin Chan

Thanks for your message in my notes which i have put in this forum.  Also thanks for banning me.  Hope to hear more from you.  Don't worry i won't ban you.  BTW, do i know U...wait...you are a racist right.  My grandmother once told me, if a dog BARKS, let him bark as a dog is always a dog.  Have a good day bye.

-----------------Below is what i got for the chessboxingfaint.  Thanks a lot